Friday, 12 September 2014

Functional Drinks - the hot new topic in the beverages industry

What are functional drinks? Functional drinks are beverages that have a beneficial effect on the body beyond basic nutrition and hydration. Health claims can be both general and specific, for instance a drink may claim a general benefit – such as boosting happiness – or something more measurable – such as improving digestive function. They can be measured based on how they meet various consumer need states, with a spectrum that ranges from products that are less ‘bad’ for consumers than other offerings to those which offer specific and measurable medical benefits.

In Europe, the number of approved health claims in food is extremely low, making Europe a hard market for manufacturers, but also an important one, as it provides a gold standard test for health claims. Japan is at the other end of the scale with five times as many approvals than the whole of Europe – making Japan an excellent test market that stands out amongst developed countries for innovative, new products.

Companies Featured

Activate, BioCare, Brainwave Drinks, The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc, The Gatorade Company Inc, Genuina Lyndoia, Happy Child, Herbals Etc International, I Am Infusion, Inno-Bev, Lactel, Lifeway Foods Inc, Minerco Resources, Monster, Natural Immune Products, Nordic, PepsiCo, Positive Energy, Powerful Yogurt, The Republic of Tea, Rushmore Superfoods, Slingshot, Solixir, Sugart USA, Voda Naturalna, Yagua, Zotiko

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