Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cider Market Insights United Kingdom

The market is enjoying a boost from younger consumers with a preference for cider, who are more likely to experiment with new flavors.

Cider Market Insights UK  provides a detailed overview of variety, distribution and packaging data across the region for 2014. 

Promotional activity and product innovation have been the key to the positive results over the last year, but this refreshing and robust market is gearing up for the next – set to see yet more growth! 

This report highlights textual analysis, revealing those dynamic drivers behind the data – giving you a crisp, clear picture of the current market. An essential tool for experienced professionals, new players and anyone with a stake in the scrumptious, soaring cider industry!

Report Highlights

The UK cider category is forecast for further growth in 2014 which may be helped by good summer weather and increased consumption around the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Volume growth is forecast at 1% for the year.

Growth in the cider category is expected to be driven by the demand for flavored ciders and new innovation in these flavors, of which ciders have been typically good products for development of new variants. Seasonal ciders have also increased in popularity in recent years and we expect to see further growth in this in 2014. Weston’s recently announced their plans in the autumn to introduce a mulled cider in a 225cl bag in box to the on trade.

The trend towards premium ciders is also expected to continue with growth expected in this sub segment in 2014. There has also been a surge in interest towards craft ciders which is likely to increase. This has been largely driven by consumer demand for local products away from mainstream brands of cider. We expect to see retailers cater and increase shelf space for these products.

The outlook for ciders has been dramatically improved now that the threat from minimum pricing has been removed. Government estimates suggested that the cider market would nearly be halved if the policy was introduced. The cider industry however will face pressures in relation to inflating raw material costs, production costs and increased competition from ciders and other drinks. Promotions will continue to play a key role in promoting growth in the UK off trade.

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