Friday, 1 August 2014

France 2014 Wealth Book

France’s HNWIs is forecast to reach a CAGR of 10% by 2018

Wealth Insight’s France 2014 Wealth Book identifies that the number of France’s HNWIs is forecast to grow by 10% by 2018. By purchasing this report you will secure a proper understanding of the high net worth individual population and wealthy management market in France, which will enable you to amend your business plans accordingly, to allow maximum sales. 

You will gain an understanding of asset allocations of HNWIs and Ultra HNWIs investments in France, enabling you to identify the key areas in which you want to compete in the future.

Reason to buy the report:

· Obtain a clear understanding of HNWIs and UHNWIs in France, broken down by wealth bands, demographics, job titles, industries and regions so that you may formulate and implement business strategies.
· Provide yourself with a comprehensive breakdown of asset class composition, across five wealth brands with a further look into key investments in order to gain a proper comprehension within the wealth market and its trends.
· Look into wealth managers, private banks, family offices and financial advisors, to allow a full evaluation of competitive risk and success factors, which will enable you to minimize business risks and challenges. 

Additional report highlights:

  •      The number of French HNWIs is forecast to grow by 10% to reach 646,452 by 2018.

  •        HNWI wealth is expected to grow by 23% to reach just under US$3 trillion by 2018.

  •    Each HNWI wealth band responds differently to economic changes due to differing asset allocations.

  •    UHNWIs tend to have higher alternative and business interest holdings, whereas core HNWIs and lower-tier millionaires tend to place a larger share of their assets in cash and property. 

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