Wednesday, 29 April 2015

News5050 is Research and Experts press release distribution partner.

Research and Experts is delighted to announce that they are now using News5050 as their preferred news distribution service provider.
News5050 distributes free press releases for global distribution. News5050 helps target websites, search engines, journalists, bloggers and social media. The service will help you reach your audience through increased visibility online. Submit your press release now to promote your business or service.

How to write a good press release?

Make sure the content is worth reading A press release should be written for people not computers. Try and write naturally instead of using jargon or corporate speak. Your press release should, most importantly, consider the potential client/customer. What are you offering them and how your product or service will benefit them. Don't talk about how great you think you are. Try and make the press release read more like a news article with useful and interesting information.
Length A good press release should be no more than 200-400 words long.
Include Headlines Your press release should be divided into paragraphs with relevant headlines. A journalist looking for news will scan an article quickly and if the headlines don't look relevant then they just press delete.
Quotations Include quotations where possible to back up your argument. This might be a testimonial from an existing client sharing a positive experience that they had through working with you.
Image Adding an image helps engagement and encourages sharing on social media. Pick an image that is relevant to your press release.
Links Always include links to your website for further information or to a landing page with a call to action (to buy a product).
Finally, include an About Us section with your name, address and contact details. 

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