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Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostic Market - A Strategic Analysis of Industry Trends, Technologies, Participants, and Environment

This report tackles the growing market interest in pharmacogenomics, companion diagnostics and the associated market environment and is supported by 263 tables and figures over 224 pages.

‘This cutting edge report on the Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostic Market Q2 2013 maximises our clients ability to analyse this growing industry and identify key business opportunities and strategies. We constantly strive to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant information that they require for this highly competitive industry’ stated Deirdre Kelly, PhD, Business Owner of Kelly Scientific Publications.

• By Company (e.g., 23andMe, AFFYMETRIX, ATOSSA GENETICS, NODALITY, deCode /Amgen, CELERA, MYRIAD)
• By Geography (US, UK, EU)
• By Segment (Targeted therapeutics, Companion Diagnostics, Esoteric tests, Esoteric lab services)
• By Sub-market (Companion diagnostics & therapeutic, nutrition & wellness, medical technology, pharmacogenomics, consumer genomics)

A wealth of financial data & business strategy information is provided including:

• Up-to-date company financials, sales & revenue figures
• Business Model Strategies for Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
• Business Model Strategies for Providers. Provider Systems and Academic Medical Centres
• Business Model Strategies for Payers & Governments
• Private and Public Funding and Personalized Medicine Reimbursement 
• Revisions to Current Payment Systems and intellectual property
• How to Gain Market Penetration in the EU
• Cost-effectiveness and Business Value of Personalized Medicine
• Consumer genomics and POC market
• Therapeutics and Companion Diagnostics (e.g., BRAC Analysis, Oncotype Dx , KRAS Mutations)
• Comprehensive account of company product portfolios & kits

SWOT, Economic & Regulatory Environment specifics include:

• Key strengths, weaknesses and threats influencing leading player position within the market
• Technologies driving the market (e.g., New-Generation Sequencing Technologies, Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing)
• Top fastest growing market segments and emerging opportunities
• Top pharmaceutical companies within the IPM by market share and revenue
• Comprehensive product portfolios, R&D activity and pipeline therapeutics 
• M&A activity and future strategies of top personalized medicine pharmacos
• Personalized Medicine Regulation (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy)
• CE-marked Personalized Medicine/Diagnostic Tests
• FDA Advances in Personalized Medicine Regulation

This report highlights a number of significant Indian pharmacos and gives details of their operations, products, financials and business strategy. 

• 23andMe
• Affymetrix
• Astex Pharmaceuticals
• Atossa Genetics
• CuraGen
• Celera Corporation (Quest Diagnostics)
• Celldex Therapeutics
• deCode Genetics (Amgen)
• Illumina
• Genelex
• Myriad 
• Nodality
• Qiagen

What clients will gain:

• An in-depth understanding of the global personalized medicine market and it’s environment 
• Current market facts, figures and product lines of key players in the industry
• Emerging trends in key markets such as the US, UK, Germany and France
• Knowledge of how the personalized medicine market will integrate into the global healthcare market 
• Technical insights into new generation sequencing technologies and ultra-high throughput sequencing
• Updates on bioinformatics, high throughput systems, genetic analysis kits, companion diagnostics and future technologies
• FDA approved pharmacogenetic tests and recognized biomarkers
• Information on key government and regulatory policies 
• Strategies on how to adapt and restructure current business models to this industry

This report tackles key concerns to the personalized medicine market such as:
• Lack of regulatory policy and legislation in the US and Europe
• Reimbursement schemes and payers concerns
• Transition of investigational diagnostic assays and therapeutics to clinical practice
• Direct to consumer (DTC) test kits and implications for the public

Who should read this report?
• Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies with an interest in personalized medicine
• Industry professionals and business strategists will discover key information to propel their policies
• Investors will gain inside information to dominant players in the industry and future forecasts
• Scientists will get a business perspective and industry insight into how scientific breakthroughs influence the market environment

This report will tell you if the companies mentioned are:
• Strong, competitive players
• Pooling their resources for specific growth and therapeutic areas
• Investing strategically in R&D
• Have a history of strategic M&A activity

This detailed report is supported with 263 figures and tables over 224 pages and profiles the main pharmacos in personalized medicine.

 Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostic Market - A Strategic Analysis of Industry Trends, Technologies, Participants, and Environmentis written by Dr Deirdre Kelly of Kelly Scientific Publications. 

Dr Kelly has experience in academia and industry, having worked with start-up companies and the multinational sector. Her expertise covers areas such as anti-infectives, respiratory and gastrointestinal disease, genetics, pharmacogenomics, vaccines, inflammation, oncology and diabetes.   

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